Ridge Racer 6

Ridge Racer 6 is namco's latest entry in the long running series - Ridge Racer was a launch title for PlayStation 1, Ridge Racer 5 was a launch title for PlayStation 2, you get the idea. Ridge Racer has at its heart always been about relatively simple arcade action, and personally I've felt that the franchise has gotten away from that for the last few games. It's telling that only two games in the series came out for PlayStation 2 (R: Racing and Ridge Racer V) after the four releases on PlayStation 1 (1, Revolution, Rage and Type IV). The good news for 6 is that it not only recaptures the magic of the original game, but looks gorgeous while doing so. There's an absolute avalanche of things to do - the world includes a couple hundred races to fully complete the game - and there's online racing as well. Well worth a try if you're a fan of arcadey racing - particularly if you liked the recent OutRun 2 arcade game, as the handling does seem to be a little bit borrowed from it, but who's counting?

One thing to keep in mind if you're an achievement whore - these points are NOT easy to get.

Bonus: The intro video for Ridge Racer 6.

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