Ninja Golf

The alpha and omega of all golf combat games (at least, all of the four I'm aware of - in depth research is for dorks). The Atari 7800 wasn't exactly the most popular of consoles, but Atari seems to be fond of the occasionally inspired bit of lunacy on their systems. Ever played Kasumi Ninja on Jaguar, for example? Totally unforgivable, but totally hilarious too. Ninja Golf is a bizarre concept indeed - a ninja doing 18 holes on the links, while fighting off gophers, other ninjas presumably trying to play through, and dragons defending each hole. I'll allow you a moment for that to sink in, and then I'll direct you to a rather excellent and well detailed I-Mockery page so you can check it out in greater detail for yourself.

I for one really love this game, it's definitely my favourite 7800 game of all time (not too hard a call to make, considering the dearth of titles for the system), and I play it now and then via emulation.

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