C64 Doc The Destroyer

"Doc the Destroyer" is a throwback to the Fighting Fantasy or Choose Your Own Adventure style books that were popular in the 1980s. Set in what appears to be a post-apocalyptic universe where aliens have taken control of the Earth, you're the titular hero of the situation, trying to get some liberation on and make a place for yourself.

The game is essentially a simplified adventure game with a poor fighting engine built into it - each location you're at will give you a few choices of what to do - visit a tavern, sneak past or fight a guard, for example - and whenever you make a choice involving or resulting in a fight, you'll be switched from the usual display to a one on one fighting engine. The usual display? Half the screen is a portrait of your character, facial expressions changing to reflect your actions, and the other half is location descriptions and the choices you have.

The expressions on his face change as you pick different options. Most amusing, really.

There aren't that many locations to explore or things to do - the only thing giving the game longevity is the fighting engine, and trust me, it's nothing to brag about. Fortunately, the version of Doc The Destroyer in GameBase 64 has a built in trainer which automatically wins each fight, saving you the effort.

One disappointing aspect of the game is that there's only music and sound during the fighting - so if you use the trainer, you're playing the game in silence. If you do enable the fights, the music is a different tempo rendition of a track from Melbourne House's "Judge Dredd", which is disappointing, unless of course you've never heard the music from "Judge Dredd" before, in which case, it's pretty cool - almost worth subjecting yourself to the fights to hear it.

"Doc The Destroyer" never won any awards, and it's doubtful it'll be looked back on fondly by (m)any, but it's an amusing enough way to pass five minutes of emulator time, if you're cruising the back catalogue and wondering what to try next, and have an incredibly high tolerance for shite.

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