Mr Driller Drill Spirits

Mr Driller is a fun puzzle/action game where you are constantly drilling your way down a tunnel full of multicoloured blocks, and have to avoid getting squashed or running out of air. If multiple blocks of the same colour land adjacent to each other, they disappear, causing more blocks to tumble down, and so on - it's a very frenetic game as you make more progress. The constantly running down oxygen keeps you from spending too long strategising which blocks to drill out first, but there's oxygen bottles to pick up now and then, assuming you can get to them. There are also blocks which take repeated attempts to drill through, and drain a significant percentage of your oxygen - in later (deeper!) stages, you'll find these often surround oxygen bottles, making you think harder about what and where to drill to best effect.

This is a game that's been around for some time, at least as far back as the arcade, PlayStation 1, Dreamcast and Game Boy Colour. Why buy it again for DS? It uses both screens to expand the viewable playing area, which is handy, and you can optionally use the touch screen to control the little tyke, although I found that rather difficult to do successfully on first attempt. I suppose the main selling points would be the extra play modes, including multiple players over WiFi. I've yet to actually try that, but I sure as hell want to!

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