Here's something that's hard to imagine - a simple puzzle concept adapted to a Nintendo handheld. Why is it that all the simple concepts are elusive until someone implements one of them and makes a hojillion dollars out of it? Not that I'm bitter.

Colored blocks. Match rows. Whoosh! Speed ensues. Seriously, though, folks, it's not half bad. Coloured blocks drop down into your play area, you can rearrange their order in columns, and each time you line up three blocks of the same colour in a row, it launches that column (or line of columns if you make a horizontal three in a row) into space. It also takes into account the momentum needed to launch larger amounts of blocks - if you make a match of three lower on a large column, you might need to make another match in the same column to reach escape velocity.

It's fun, but I've found it to get a little too hectic a little too quickly. I'm told multiplayer is awesome, however, so I'll be seeking out a local with a desire for knowledge and understanding.

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