Trace Memory

Do you like adventure games? Point and click? Well, in this case, point and tap. You're a girl looking for her father on a mysterious island, and .. well, that'd be telling, wouldn't it? You're given a DS-alike DA, a gift from your missing father, which can be used to take and manipulate photographs of in-game objects, read cards that have been left in various places for you to find, and other functions. I found myself interested in the plot, and its held my attention for at least three chapters, before I was distracted by more new games arriving in the mail, anyway.

The touch screen shows a top view of the current area you're in, and you can move your character either using the D-pad or by moving the stylus around in the direction you want to go - dragging it. It works all right with the stylus, but is easier and less potentially damaging to the screen to just use the D-Pad. However, there are various puzzles involving direct use of the touch screen - for example, scratching rust off an old faceplate. One particularly ingenious part has you closing the DS to use a wood stamp on a piece of paper - at least it's ingenious once you work out that you need to do it!

Trace Memory may not end up having long term replay appeal, and it's certainly not going to take 80 hours to complete, but if you can get it cheap, it could fill in time rather well. Just watch out for the incredibly boring music - I recommend turning it off and playing Cradle of Filth in the background instead, just for the contrast.

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