Mr Driller
Did you know Mr Driller is Dig Dug's son? Small world.

Mr. Driller is Namco's attempt at making a puzzle action game as ubiquitous as Tetris, and I have to say, they come very, very close. Giant colored blocks are invading from deep underground, and you as Mr. Driller have to stop them by any means necessary. As long as this means involves drilling your way down a well full of said blocks, trying to avoid the blocks above falling down on you, watching out for the air-sapping-hard-to-break blocks and keeping track of your air supply.

Falling blocks, when landing next to blocks of the same color, actually mould into new solid shapes of that same color. If these new shapes are made up of more than four blocks, ka-pow, they explode and disappear, adding points to your score. In addition, blocks actually take a second or two before they collapse, giving you valuable time to get out of the way before it's too late.

Cute character, colorful and easily discerned graphics, catchy tunes and the classic hallmark of a quality game: easy to play, hard to master. Just being able to survive is relatively straightforward yet challenging as you make more and more progress. What will really keep you coming back for more is devising the best ways to get high scores. Which are the best blocks to drill through in order to set up collapsing chain reactions for massive scores? What paths are best to get to the air bottles helpfully left at regular intervals without being killed?

The game has two different specific depth challenges - survive 500 ft and 1000 ft - and a survival mode, which is theoretically endless. Each provides its own opportunities for strategizing your way towards a better score. Unfortunately, there's no battery in the cart to save your scores, and there isn't a multiplayer mode, but with the fun you'll be having, these details won't be important.

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