Adventures of Lolo
Didn't Eric Clapton write a famous song about Lolo?

The Adventures of Lolo are a big ol' pile of taxing adventures indeed. Prepare to put on your thinking cap, as some of the predicaments you have to get that lovable fuzzball out of can be quite challenging. You, as Lolo, are off to save the whoever from the whatevers, and yada yada. Does anyone ever care about introductions and plotlines, unless they're RPG fans? Suffice it to say you have to proceed from screen to screen by collecting a key for the door, but there are creatures and obstacles in your way, and the vast majority of the time you can't use simple force to get past them.

The cart has a surprisingly extensive tutorial mode, which introduces you to the various foes you have to face, demonstrates how to defeat them and then gives you a chance to try for yourself. The eight character types, eight environments and three power levels for Lolo provide an interesting range of tasks to perform and puzzle possibilities to twist your brain with.

Adventures of Lolo is a rewarding game to play - the sense of achievement you feel when you finally work out how to complete a screen is worth the effort of doing so. Thanks to the password save system, you only need to complete one screen at a time. Combined with infinite continues, you can schedule as much or as little gameplay time as you like. It's perfect for a portable.

If you've never played a Lolo game before, you're in for a treat, and if you've played one of the three NES releases, you're in for more of the same, but in a novelty fun sized portable system. You can Lolo on the train - you can Lolo on a plane - you can Lolo in the can - but wash those dirty hands, man.

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