Alien 3

Acclaim produced 3x10^8 movie tie in games during the course of its existence, particularly across 8 and 16 bit machines, and unfortunately, the MegaDrive was no exception. "Alien 3", based on the movie by David Fincher, is a platform exploration game with guns. Sound familiar? That's because it's practically the same game as Judge Dredd, also by Acclaim, as well as being part of a rather oversupported genre in general. If any of y'all have seen the movie "Alien 3", then you probably recall that there aren't any guns, and there's only one alien.

Guess what? In the game, you start with a full suite of weapons and there's an infinite supply of aliens.

What does it have to do with the movie? Well, the sprite you control is bald, and you're rescuing prisoners. Great, eh? Then again, I suppose a crap game is fitting for a crap movie. Don't get me wrong, I respect the fact that they tried to do something different with it, but from all accounts they seriously screwed David Fincher around, and, well, the results speak for themselves. If you like the movie, take a good, hard look at yourself.. honestly!

The game itself wouldn't be that bad if the aliens themselves weren't so annoying. For the first few games you play, you're going to run through (and take damage from) practically every single one you come across. Eventually, you'll get to the point where you can bring your gun to bear before they run into you, but not be able to fire enough shots to kill them before they.. yes, you guessed it.. run into you. By the time you get good at it, you'll be bored with the whole concept.

Save your cash and efforts to find it, and watch "Seven" and "Fight Club", then maybe "The Game" or even "Panic Room" (if you'd like to see "Home Alone" for grown ups).

Fincher's great, Acclaim sucked.

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