Chase HQ 2
If I had a nickel for every quarter I'd spent on Chase HQ, I'd.. well, math is hard.

Chase HQ is one of my favorite arcade games, and I've always had time for its various incarnations, even the crappy C64 conversion (which appeared to be a direct port of the Spectrum version, not a good thing if you know the relative merits of the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum) held my interest, at least until I had access to a better version.

What is it? For the three of you that don't know, it's a racer with a difference - you play a cop, and you and your partner are given assignments from Nancy at Chase Headquarters - each stage is two parts, catching up to the bad guy within the time limit, and then ramming the bad guy off the road within the time limit. You have three turbos to help your chances, and the more cars you pass without crashing into them, the more points you get. It's all very straightforward, and it's all really, really fun. Perhaps the handling of the car doesn't compare to Forza, but what do you expect?

Chase HQ 2 on Genesis is an advancement on the theme which adds a little variety, but not as much as you'd hope. (Like, say, Special Criminal Investigation where you can shoot at the bad guys, or Ray Tracers on PlayStation with sexed up graphics and far more interesting bosses). What you get for your buck is the ability to choose from three different vehicle types - a sports car (high speed, low damage), a SUV (medium speed and damage) and an eighteen wheeler rig (slow speed, high damage). The trick is to pick the right car for the right mission. Since there's only five missions anyway, this isn't really rocket science - still and all, a nice addition to the franchise.

Since this is the only Chase HQ game you're going to get on MegaDrive, embrace it with both hands. I know I have. Also? It's definitely better than SNES Super Chase HQ, or whatever those Nintendo fruits called it.

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