Crack Down

"Crack Down" is an arcade conversion, and one I like, yet aren't entirely sure why. The first time I saw the arcade game, it was in the gymnasium at my alma mater, Murdoch University. "Crackdown", "Trog" and "Blockout" kept me going for quite a while back in the day.. that, beer and Magic the Gathering. Oh, and occasionally some studying.

"Crack Down"'s a "Gauntlet"-esque maze game, but with a difference - on each stage, there are certain locations where you need to place bombs, and once you've placed the bombs, a timer starts. If you don't get to the exit before the timer hits zero, you're caught in the blast, baby. Each level has a different layout and different adversaries to shoot. It's nothing fancy, really, they shoot at you, you shoot back, occasionally you can pick up a more powerful gun, and you're also able to lean up against walls to dodge incoming shots.

The MegaDrive conversion is pretty close to the original, and it's a short bit of fun, especially if you like a taste of maze japery.

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