King's Bounty

Love this game. If you haven't played it, you've got a world with four continents (you have to find maps to get to each one past the first), and you've been tasked by the king to find a missing sceptre, or some such bollocks. Unfortunately, these are all in the hands of bad guys who're holed up in castles you have to find, attack and conquer - oh, and did I mention you need to have the right contract for the right bad guy at the time you attack him? Map exploration, army raising, collecting stuff, simple tactical combat and (hopefully) random placement of gear each game makes this a winner. I used to play it quite a bit on the PC, and the Genesis port captures the magic quite well. If you still don't understand what I'm trying to describe, imagine a game from the Warlords series with a different name and dumbed down a shade. If you don't know what Warlords is, piss off already.

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