MiG 29 Fighter Pilot

"Mig 29" is one of a number of flight simulations released for the MegaDrive. Primarily EA's domain with such games as "LHX Attack Chopper", "F29 Interceptor" and "F117 Night Storm", and Microprose's less successful attempts with "F15 Stealth Fighter" and "Gunship", "Mig 29" was a creditable attempt by Domark to crack into the scene.

The MegaDrive isn't exactly a polygon-pushing powerhouse, but you'd be surprised at how well the game works. If you go into it expecting gourand shaded photorealistic jets and mipmapped voxel realtime fractal landscapes with rotation, scaling and whatever other catchphrase cocksuckery has been used in the past for flight simulations, you'll be unsurprisingly disappointed. However, you might find yourself having some fun flying simple missions and blowing simple shit up. I know I did.

The one significant feature I was impressed by that bears mentioning is the initial training mission - I was surprised and pleased to discover that it was very in-depth, to the point of displaying a controller image on the screen and showing exactly what to press and when. This is rather cool, and certainly helped me a lot, since I didn't have the manual. I realize this is a painfully common feature for the PlayStation generation, but it was a luxury back in the 16 bit days, and one which benefits "Mig 29" greatly.

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