Road Rash

"Road Rash" was a revelation back in the day, and (at least until "Road Rash Jailbreak" on the PS1) has proven to be a franchise with longevity. The game has appeared on consoles such as the SMS, MegaDrive, 3DO, Saturn and the PlayStation 1 - with multiple sequels on MegaDrive and PlayStation. The MegaDrive saw Road Rash 1, 2 and 3 - each game having essentially incremental improvements (fancy that from an EA title), but at today's MegaDrive prices, worth picking up nonetheless.

The game is your standard pseudo-3D-into-the-screen-third-person-view motorcycle racing game, but with an excessively fun twist - gratuitous violence. You can kick and punch the other riders as you pass them, and they'll try the same with you. Each race can win you money you can use to upgrade your bike (or buy a new one), and the races are set in various locations. Sound's nothing notable - certainly doesn't compare to the 3DO soundtrack - and the graphics aren't much past functional (the SMS looks almost as good and I'm not sure if that's a compliment to the SMS or an insult to the MegaDrive version, but we'll go with compliment, since THE SMS CAN DO NO WRONG).

If you've never played a "Road Rash" game, you should, unless of course you're some anti-violence hippie, or you're bored to death by racing games. If you have, the best version going is the original 3DO one (or if you have to, one of the PS1 iterations), but the MegaDrive one is still worth a game or two.. or three.. or four.

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