Space Harrier 2

When I was a (not so) wee nipper, there was this rather cool looking hydraulic game in the arcade where you controlled this flying man, things came out of the screen at you which you had to blow up and it was all very, very trippy - giant mushrooms, robot men, stone heads, Easter Island statue type things.. good times indeed. Later, there was a home conversion for my Commodore 64 - it had the speed, but not exactly a lot of the graphical detail, and certainly didn't have the "Get Ready!" or the death scream one got to know and.. well, know.

I started to collect SMS games later down the track and in due course picked myself up a "Space Harrier" cart - the graphics were slightly better than the Commodore 64 version, but still, it was a bit bland to play. Surely better graphics and sound would recapture the rapture of initial exposure to the joy of the Harrier. "Space Harrier 3D"? Pretty nifty, but again, boring quick once the novelty wears off. This brings us to "Space Harrier 2" for the MegaDrive.

Wow, a sequel! It must be cool.. I'm sure they've added and changed all sorts of stuff - maybe a kind of RPG mode like they added to "Super Hang On"? That'd be cool.. or .. or .. and then the cart went in. It's got the "Get Ready" and the graphics look pretty sexy, but.. the gameplay's the same and the difficulty is the same or even harder than I remember. I have to admit that the new boss designs are pretty cool - but this is just the same old, same old. If you didn't like "Space Harrier" before, there's certainly nothing here that's going to change your mind. On the other hand, if you're not a Communist pussy boy who gives up at the first sign of difficulty like certain authors of this review, you might enjoy trying to beat the game. You know what? Fuck it, you wouldn't either.

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