Fantastic intro - cut scenes on a MegaDrive, whoda thunk it? Then you get to the game and see why they had all that spare memory. OK, a little harsh. It's a fun enough game, I just wish I had the manual - how the hell do you refuel? Land at the base again?

Subterrania is a cross between Fort Apocalypse and Thrust. Never heard of 'em? OK, how about a cross between Choplifter and Gravitar? Never heard of 'em? How about shades of Bangai-O with gravity and momentum? How about Lunar Lander with hostage rescuing and shooty bits?

Y'all have a fixed environment for each level (that's far bigger than what you see on the screen), and you travel around trying to rescue dudes, not get shot, and do some killin's of your own. You need to keep track of what fuel and shield strength you have, and you also have to cope with gravity and momentum.. thrust in one direction, you'll go that way a while, but then gravity will pull you down again.. thrust to the left and let go, and you'll arc down and to the left. It's not that difficult to get the hang of, but when you tack on navigation and fighting off enemies, and dodging obstacles, and keeping track of fuel, and and and.. well, it gets frenetic.

Fun game, I recommend it. Also, someone send me the manual for it.

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