T2: The Arcade Game

Here's the introduction of the game, courtesy of YouTube.

"T2 The Arcade Game" was a light gun game in the arcades. Well, a light machine gun game, anyway - essentially the same technology as "Revolution X" (a misguided Aerosmith based shooter). The guns were cabinet mounted, and (in the game) had temperature settings, so when the gun overheated, the firing rate drastically lowered.

The MegaDrive version uses the Menacer, but that device is incredibly unwieldy and annoying, so I've used the control pad (and the thoughtfully provided crosshair on the screen). This may dull the whole experience somewhat, and I may be majorly missing out by not setting up my Menacer to play it, but I can sleep at night. Can you say the same?

The game, unfortunately, is rather dull - it's just another iteration of "Operation Wolf", more or less. Perhaps this could be said of most light gun games, but at least games like the "Time Crisis" or "Point Blank" series attempted to innovate. About the only interesting aspect of this game would be the level where you need to protect John Connor in a pick up truck, but even that is alternately annoying and nonsensical. Call me a pussy Communist, but when I can stomach to actually try to get past that section, it usually takes most of the starting credits. As you can imagine, this makes progress in the later levels rather challenging, to say the least.

I used to enjoy playing the game in the arcade for a credit or two, but that was more because of the speech, being able to hold the gun in my hand, the whole experience. Later, when Sega's "Gunblade NY" (the machine gun thing in the helicopter) came out, I lost all interest in "T2", and the only thing that has me play the MegaDrive version again is nostalgia and an idle desire to blow shit up. One should always satiate one's urges to blow shit up purely via video games, or French cars if there are any nearby and you have brake fluid and chlorine to spare. OH NOES TERRORIST INFO!

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