I can recall playing "Truxton" on an arcade cab outside a deli (convenience store) here many years ago. I was impressed by the massive smart bomb explosion forming a sort of skull mandala, and then not so impressed when I realized how difficult the game was, swiftly losing all my lives. It's easier to remember the bad times than the good times, isn't it, kids?

Many years after that, I saw "Truxton" going cheap on that eBay thing the kids talk about, so I picked it up. It made sense at the time, having decided that my second MegaDrive collection would consist of:

1. Games I really liked
2. Arcade conversions
3. Shooters
4. Everything else

"What the fuck is Truxton, you fat, pathetic, grouchy old whoremonger?" I hear as many as one or two of you asking?

Well, it's a vertical shooter, developed many moons ago by those fine Japanese folk at Toaplan, and released to the world at large by Taito. You fly up the screen, you blow shit up, you blow more shit up, you get powerups which help you to blow yet more shit up, then you blow some more shit up, followed by the blowing up of shit. It's not hugely remarkable in a "Holy shit, I just don't care any more, stop talking about shooters all the time, you low self esteem having shitty game buying bad review writing excessively masturbating bad dressing poor impulse controlling Tea Party listening French hating motherfucker, you" kind of way, but it's certainly not as boring as "Twin Hawk", for example. Also, the smart bomb effect looks cool.. surprisingly enough, it's in the form of a giant skull mandala thing. "Truxton" is all about looks, explosions, blowing shit up and rapid kinetic decomposition of excrement.

The game was actually known as "Tatsujin" in Japan, which is a sexier sounding name, and there was an arcade sequel - I don't believe the sequel made the MegaDrive, but it did make the x68000 as far as I know, and both games are supported by MAME.

Don't be surprised if you end up enjoying "Truxton", but forget it's even in your collection a week later, as it's just that kind of game.

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