Whip Rush

A Genesis game that works fine in MegaDrives without adaptor - not sure if "Whip Rush" actually had a PAL specific release, but I'm inclined to believe not.

"Whip Rush" is a Renovation shooter.. unfortunately, it's just not a very good one. Put the cart in, and you get a rather snazzy opening intro screen (even appears to have been translated by someone with English as one of their top 10 spoken languages, as opposed to some more infamous shooters out there). Start the game, and it's the usual left-to-right power up bollocks. Nice enough graphics (if a bit chintzy on explosion animations), interesting enough adversaries, piss weak boss on the first stage.

Screw this action, just play Sagaia or a Thunderforce game.

The powerup system is somewhat rudimentary - you have various modules appearing now and then you can blast to get at the powerup token within, which can take one of four forms. L is the forward firing laser, M is the forward (and rear once you get a power claw or two) firing missile, F is the completely fucking useless fireball which shoots in the opposite direction to the way you're moving, and P is the powerclaw. It's fun to have to wait for them to cycle to the one you want, as they're also moving off the screen. Good luck with that, Paco. The other features you get are an ability to rotate the power claw(s) you have to different positions around the ship, or to alter your speed - although why you'd ever want to take it off the maximum eluded me. If you have at least one powerup, getting hit by an enemy or a bullet won't kill you, just remove the powerups you have.

The difficulty isn't too bad - changing the difficulty in the options only gives you differing amounts of lives, not changing the actual in-game difficulty. There's the occasional wanktastic enemy - undodgeable, or at least excessively difficult to dodge, but this doesn't happen very often, and who knows, maybe it's just because I'm not as good as I'd like to think at these shooty game type deals. I did get through to the final stage within ten to fifteen minutes, however, but we'll get to that.

Each level, while not particularly interestingly designed background wise, does at least keep you involved in terms of movement - up, down, left to right, right to left. You'll need to pay attention. A nice touch on the second stage is that you go underwater at a couple points, and this affects the speed of your ship. By nice, I mean annoying, as it contributes to the dodging difficulty I was talking about.

Doesn't sound all that bad so far, does it? Well, the problem is that it only has four stages. It's as short as a midget's cock and admittedly twice as tasty, this game. If I could get to the end of the fourth stage in fifteen minutes, what's going to keep me coming back? Setting it to a higher difficulty level only reduces the amount of lives I have, so there's no real point in replaying it.

It's a nice enough game for a quick diversion if you get it cheap enough, and I'm sure any collection of shooters or Renovation games will need it, but this really isn't something you need to actively seek out.

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