Bobby Carrot

A nifty little simplistic puzzle game - you have various carrot patch environments, and you have to eat all the carrots and end up at your rabbit hole without retracing any of your steps.

Seems pretty easy at first, but as you complete levels, more complexities are added, such as rotating gates or steel rabbit traps. It has a standard difficulty mode where you collect said carrots, and an advanced mode where you collect easter eggs. A game that's taxing enough to hold your interest for at least a little while, and doesn't require excessive manual dexterity makes it an ideal choice for playing on a mobile phone. I'd imagine my provider had that in mind when they preinstalled it. All right, you cynics, it's more likely they got it cheap from the developers.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally appeared as part of my August 2006 column for Collector Times

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