Doom RPG
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I believe this has been available for some time in the US, but it's only recently become available on Telstra's network here in Australia. A friend of mine who tests cell phone games for a living recommended it to me, and being the trusting soul that I am, I downloaded it. $AUS7 well spent, in this writer's humble opinion.

On the surface of it, turning Doom into a turn based role playing game might sound crazy, but it's very well implemented, and the genre entirely suits cell phone gaming. Using a keypad for controlling a game on a cellphone doesn't really lend itself to fast paced action games, unless you've got some kind of crazy mutant hand with super reflexes and stamina.

Doom RPG has a somewhat similar scenario to the original first person shooter games - something bad has happened on a UAC moonbase, and you, the marine, are sent in to sort it out. There's a central hub, called Junction, and various areas full of creatures to kill (as far as I can recall, all the creatures from the original game, complete with creditable graphics and a couple frames of animation), keys to collect and the occasional puzzle to solve. Nothing too complex, though, on the order of "find the terminal that tells you the code for door X" or "talk to guy A to find out how to get guy B to get codes from a computer so you can open doors C, D and E".

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Your character can level up as you gain experience points, and as well as all the traditional weapons from the original game (which you need to find as you progress, as well as marshall limited ammunition supplies for), you get an axe and a fire extinguisher. Some sections of the base are ablaze, and some doors are jammed. You can do damage with these, too, but obviously not as much as with a pistol or other weapon. Different creatures are damaged more by different weapons.

The game has a first person perspective, and each time you move, you've passed another turn. It's possible to skip turns as well, if you want to, say, wait for a demon to walk in front of you so you can blast it with a shotgun. There's an automap system which records where you've been, and it's possible to find a complete map at certain terminals in each area. The game moves at quite a clip - if you hold down the movement button, the speed belies the turn based nature, and if you're too impatient for that, you can even move directly on the map screen.. although I wouldn't recommend it if you haven't already cleared an area of Hell's minions.

Good fun, and a decent sense of humour to it, too.. watch out for an "Office Space" reference and some rather amusing civilian comments when you talk to them here and there.

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