Power Inline X

While I can say this was technically impressive, I can't in all honesty say it was all that much fun to play. You can play as a male or a female character, and have to skate through various reasonably well represented if basic 3D courses. The 3D effect easily looks as good as anything a Game Boy Advance would come up with, if not a bit better.

Unfortunately, once you start playing, things go downhill. The sense of speed is barely reasonable, but the control method is decidedly ordinary. The Samsung phone I use has a disc controller which can double for the numeric keypad keys one would normally use to control these games, and you'd think it would work rather well. Unfortunately for this game, the control is decidedly sluggish. If you do manage to get your character to skate up a ramp, the camera spins around to the side and you get to both watch the character peform a stunt (automatically) and lose your bearings while the screen reorients itself to the standard third person perspective. It's not all that great, kids - I certainly wouldn't have been happy if I'd paid to download it, and I'm still not happy it's locked content on the phone - meaning I can't delete it and get the space back.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This originally formed part of my August 2006 column for Collector Times

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