(Strikers) 1945 I & II

This is a "Play It" budget release of a Strikers 1945 compilation - Strikers 1945 I and II are Psiyko vertical shooters, a hell of a lot of fun. Presumably "Play It" took the "Strikers" part off because otherwise people might not notice the planes on the cover and think it meant a soccer game - a striker in soccer is the centre forward position - but who knows? Maybe they didn't pay enough to licence the name as well as the games. This two pack is unfortunately a little disappointing - it's as if they're direct ports from PlayStation 1 versions - the only part of the whole shebang that looks like it belongs on the PS2 is the "Play It!" animated logo at the beginning. That having been said, they're awesome shooters, and if you can find this title cheap enough, and have no other alternative method of playing either of the Strikers games, and you're a bit blind in one eye, it's worth a go.

Five Minutes With…

on 1945 II, picked the "Shinden", a penis-esque looking plane, wasted 2 bombs finding the fire button, ended up getting 102,801 points by halfway through stage 1-3 (on Monkey difficulty). The nature of Coleman is… irrepressible.

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