4x4 Evo 2

Welcome to the dirt-grinding EXTREME world of off-road racing! Yes, it's a bouncy truck game. It has a number of courses, some ricing up bits (extra parts for trucks) and apparently some amazing weather effects. What do I say, though? Textures are a bit flat, but it's not overly hard on the eyes, at least until it moves. It only takes about 30 seconds for the bouncing around to go from 'that's kinda cool' to 'here comes lunch'. Call me a pussy Communist limpdick wastoid if you like, and many have before you, but .. yeah, not so much with the wanting to play this again in a hurry. My copy's actually an ex-rental from Planet Video here in Perth, and they used to put single letter stickers on their games, presumably to make it easy for the register biscuits to store/sort them - this one has a "F" on it, but I think we both now know the real reason for that "F".

Five Minutes With…

After 40 seconds of loading to start a quick race, I struggled at the back of the pack for a lap and a half, until they all wussed out to let a school bus through a covered wooden bridge. I smoked its (and their) ass, and made first. Of course, I didn't actually win the race, as I missed some kind of an invisible satanic checkpoint and didn't notice until it finally dawned on me that the green 'go here' arrow was now red. I managed 4 laps, one of which I shouldn't have needed to do, before the five minutes were up.

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