Final Fantasy X-2
se-x-x-y: probably would, would, definitely would.

This was certainly an unprecedented event - a direct sequel to a Final Fantasy game. See, kids, even though they're FF1, 2, 3, they're not sequels to each other in terms of plot - about the only constant between the games is that there's a character called Cid, and the money's called gil. This game is a bit more open and freeform than FFX, but only to an extent - if you attempt missions that're beyond your current skill, you'll die. It's focused around the wacky adventures of two of the main characters from the original game and their new sidekick, but many of your other beloved favorites turn up too. Major differences? The upgrade system has changed to a "sphere" system, but the end result's similar, and the combat system has been made 'real time', meaning you can't leave it in a menu forever while you decide what spell to cast. I enjoyed it about as much as FFX, put a number of hours into it, completed about 50% of the game, but then got to a bit where the Omega Weapon is a random encounter, and got a massive case of "fuck this"-itis. If you don't know what that means, then I'm proud of you and you should continue as you are.
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