Astro Boy

I'm a bit of a fan of the character Astro Boy. I'm not sure if it's his dress sense or his mega awesome haircut, but it's probably not the actual show. I respect the fact that he exists, and own an action figure complete with detachable robot head, but I don't really think I want to revisit the actual cartoons at the age of 34. I'm not implying that I have grown up tastes, but there are limits.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't apply the same idea to the PlayStation 2 game. It's a shame, really. I enjoyed the fully animated origin clip at the beginning of a new game, was mildly disappointed by the significant drop in graphical quality for the in game engine, and then was distinctly underwhelmed by the game play itself. Punch stuff, fly around, punch stuff more, do some attacks, wonder where the hell you are in relation to the robot dudes you're fighting, get killed, turn it off and try something else.

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