Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

If you're unfamiliar with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force cartoon, then your life, frankly, isn't worth living. I personally am glad to know that I can die happy at any moment, since I've seen the ATHF episode called "Hand Banana". This noble attempt at a licenced ATHF videogame is.. you guessed it, a golf game with combat involved. It's incredibly similar to "Ninja Golf" for Atari 7800 in concept and, to an extent, execution, but is of course significantly more advanced - being able to change characters and utilize different abilities, more advanced powerups, varying boss fights and even the addition of racing combat sections (which are a little clumsy, but fun enough I suppose) all make this game a bit of a laugh - nothing you'll play for hundreds of hours, but, given its budget price, worthwhile. The addition of a significant amount of extras, including four complete episodes of the show, make it even more cool. One of the episodes has never been aired - you can kinda see why, but it's still a treat for fans.

Couldn't be assed to read the Ninja Golf review? OK. It's a golf game, but inbetween each stroke (wink wink), you have to fight off various bad guys in order to get to your ball and take the next stroke (wink wink). While you're wandering around, you can pick up powerups or hidden pickups that unlock other features. Once you get to the green, there's generally a boss fight or some sort of obstacles to get around - eg one hole has Carl as a boss, and another has a series of teleporters you have to work out a sequence for to get the ball into the hole.

The hidden pickups (that aren't really that well hidden, it's just a matter of walking around a bit more and putting up with more combat) are two to a level for the film can things, which unlock clips from the show, and some "broodwich" collectables, which, once you've found all 12, unlock a.. well, find out for yourself, kids.

Tonight… you.
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