Chaos Legion

Chaos Legion is a cross between Devil May Cry and Gauntlet as far as I can tell. It has a somewhat similar vibe to Devil May Cry, although not as intense. It’s just a run and slash thing – you have to track down someone who used to be your best friend, but is now evil, and in the meantime, you have to mess up a large amount of creatures with your sword. The controls and third person perspective and fighting style are somewhat reminiscent, but things get different when you consider the Legion. As well as running around yourself (in fairly simplified locations, split into distinct stages, with transparent goals and repetitive, but not too repetitive, creatures, even including creature generators – see where the Gauntlet thoughts come in?) you also gradually gain the ability to summon different Legion, good creature thingies that can help you in active or passive ways. For example, the Guilt legion summons a number of sword fighting duders who will attack what you attack or take orders to attack specific things, or perform special moves. Other Legion types include the equivalent of archers who can pick off creatures from distances, bomb guys who’ll sacrifice themselves by exploding near targets, and defensive Legion who stand near you and cop abuse meant for you. As you progress through the game and complete some boss battles, you can collect new Legion and use experience points gained to increase the abilities of your various Legion. Your ultimate goal (as well as messing up the evil Lord Delacroix) is to pick up the pieces of a super-mega-hyper-ultimate Legion (not its real name) which you lost in the initial mission.

69, dude! Excellent!

I like it, it’s fun, you don’t have to think much, and there’s just enough complexity (and graphical beauty if you go for that) to get you past the “it’s just a run and slash” thing. Also, the English voiceover is funny as hell.. it sounds like Capcom went to the Dallas Fort Worth airport and picked out the third and fourth worst Jack Nicholson impressionists and hired them on the spot. I’m not entirely sure why, but this game kinda reminded me of Onimusha Blade Warriors – perhaps this was meant as an offshoot of Devil May Cry in a similar respect, but the powers that be decided to give it its own identity. Sheer speculation unsupported by any effort to find the truth, a hallmark of a good review.

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