Everything or Nothing

A big, flashy, glitzy multi-game-type 007 game as done by EA. This time, not only have they licenced Pierce Brosnan’s image, but he’s doing voice work, too.. Also, a number of other actors have been hired to appear in the game. Would you believe Shannon Elizabeth as a Bond girl? How about the return of Jaws to the Bond series? Everything or Nothing has incredibly impressive presentation and production values, and an interesting enough plot, but it’s not about all that crap, is it? It’s about the game. The game.. is fun. It’s got various play styles, including car chases, third person run and gun and extreme skateboarding. You haven’t lived until you see Bond grind a curb, man. Seriously, though, it’s a bit of amusing fluff, and it’ll go down easy.. a lot like your sister in that regard.

Bonus: Opening titles with song by Mya (actually kinda good)

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