Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec

This is the first appearance on PlayStation 2 of the flagship series, Gran Turismo. I was in the US when Gran Turismo 1 was released for PlayStation 1, and bought one day of release, along with a Dual Shock controller. That was the first time I ever bought anything game related on the day of release, and it becamse my last. Falling for the hype's a bad idea, kids.. I think I've played my copy of GT about 4 times since I bought it. GT3? Well, you get your fancy graphics, about half a billion licenced cars, the ability to race them in arcade mode, or in Gran Turismo mode (where you win races, earn money, and advance through the ranks). If you're familiar with the PS1 games, this is more of the same, tarted up a bit. I learned my lesson, and didn't pick it up until I was able to get a cheap Platinum copy!

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