Half Life

Like Deus Ex, this is one of those few games where I ignored the hype to my detriment. Half Life is a PC port done fairly well – the load times are a little harsh, but manageable – and as I’ve said before, I have no problem using a controller for first person controls. If you’re one of the three people who haven’t heard of Half Life, it’s a very immersive plot driven first person shooter where you’re a scientist at the Black Mesa facility, researching technology which opens portals to another world, and .. well.. things go wrong. It’s incredibly engrossing, once you get past the interminably long train ride at the beginning, and about the only thing that put me off was a rather ridiculous boss fight towards the end of the game. Don’t let that scare you, though, as I usually suck at this kind of thing. Trust me, if you’ve never played Half Life before, you’re going to love it (and probably should play it on a PC, but I shouldn’t say that in a PS2 review).

PS2 textures are actually improved over the PC originals, too.

One specific advantage of the PlayStation 2 version of Half Life is the addition of a new feature, Decay. It's essentially an entirely new game set concurrently with Half Life, where you (or you and a friend) control two female scientists trying to escape the facility. It's split into ten missions, and further information (including spoilers, so be warned) can be found here.

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