Iron Aces 2

Wow, I have to say, I wasn't expecting much of this - a game I'd never seen before in Australia, a cheap ex-rental with no manual, released in 2002 and on a CD instead of a DVD. Not many of these factors point to "awesome", but as it turns out, this is PlayStation 2's version of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, a terrifically fun combat flight game my dad and I used to play the hell out of about 15 years ago or so. Good times, great taste, get your nostalgia on, bring your ancestors back from the dead, etc etc.

For those of you who don't speak "bollocks", that means that "Iron Aces 2" is more or less an arcade-y combat flight game, but set in various parts of history from World War 2 to today, sending you out on various missions in different planes, blowing the bad guys up. The first few missions are set in the WW2 era, so you're flying German or British planes, going on dogfights, shooting down bombers and their fighter escorts, or even dogfighting on night missions. All fun stuff. The game plays well, even if the graphics are a little primitive compared to the "Ace Combat" franchise, but graphics aren't everything.

As well as the precanned missions spanning everything from Spitfires to Harrier jets, you can also make dogfights between planes of different eras, much like in Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. "Iron Aces 2" is a lot of fun, and I recommend it most heartily. Good luck finding it though, at least in Australia, I've seen all of one copy, and it'll leave my cold, dead hands when they're.. err.. cold and dead? Wait, that isn't right.

If you've got a spare copy of the manual for this game, I'll be your friend, by the way.

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