Kidz Sports Ice Hockey

This game makes me seriously contemplate having Wayne Gretzky killed just so he can spin in his grave over the way hockey has been treated. Why? Well, aside from the fact that they’ve added “special abilities” you can earn and utilize on the rink, it’s practically impossible to tell whom you’re actually controlling from moment to moment, making the game nigh on unplayable.

If you're going to write a hockey game, maybe you should play it first, or watch a few games? Just a thought.

Note how I called it "Kidz Sports Hockey" instead of "Kidz Sports Ice Hockey" like it says on the cover? There is no "hockey" and "ice hockey", you weird people - it's "hockey" and "grass hockey" (or "field hockey").

It’s a shame, really, as it has excellent presentation, complete with your team being announced, nice cartoony, super deformed-esque graphics and cheery music, the whole nine yards – noteworthy for a budget effort of this pedigree. It’s just that games are normally meant to be playable, see?

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