Kuri Kuri Mix

NB: This was released in the US as The Adventures of Cookies and Cream.

I'd say PAL wins
ps2_cookies_cover ps2_kurikurimix_cover
US boxart PAL boxart

Now this one's rather nifty. I hate to break this to you, but this game is actually the big three: original, interesting and fun. You control two characters at once, and have to move them both up the screen along a path littered with obstacles. For example, the bloke on the right opens a gate, the one on the left goes through it, then opens another gate for the guy on the right. Oh, did I mention this is timed, and both blokes are on the one controller? Good times.. it's kinda rare nowadays, an early release and not licenced after a Tom Cruise movie, but well worth a few bucks if you see it.

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