London Cab Challenge

So, do you like 'Crazy Taxi'? While you were playing it, did you think to yourself "Self, this is fun and all, but what it really needs is to be set in London, and have incredibly basic graphics with obscenely bad pop up, no actual people or pedestrians, excellent but completely unsuited instrumental music and awful car handling physics with completely no penalty for damage or crashing your car, and no time limit between pickups? Also, Self, why do you always think in such enormous run-on sentences? That's the last time I let you read Ulysses."

If not, you might not be me, which should be a source of relief to you. I for one would be relieved if I had confirmation that I wasn't in fact me.

Crazy Taxi The Getaway London Cab Challenge

Can you spot the subtle differences there? Let's not even contemplate the amount of time that's passed between the releases of "Crazy Taxi" and "The Getaway" and "London Cab Challenge". Although, to be fair, I'd imagine the budget of "London Cab Challenge" was about a hundredth of that of either of the other two games.

"London Cab Challenge" isn't bad enough to be amusing, and it isn't really good enough to be a viable alternative to "Crazy Taxi", although it can be almost as frustrating as some of the missions in "The Getaway", if that floats your boat.

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