Ahh, Rockstar, no stranger to controversy. This game was banned in Australia, putting it in the august company of such treasure troves of entertainment as “Marc Ecko’s Getting Up” and “Narc”. Apparently Australians can’t handle a game involving running around gritty urban environments strangling, beating to death or otherwise gruesomely killing various gang memebrs. Did I mention gruesome? You’re a death row convict getting a second chance by performing live on TV, and your performance is rated dependent on how gruesome your kills are. It’s kind of dumb fun, I suppose, but just not that spellbinding in the scheme of things. Maybe if I enjoyed stealth type games more I’d have more love for this, otherwise it’s just gimmicky and dumb. By the way, don’t tell the cops I have this, OK?

Bonus: Far creepier than Manhunt will ever be.

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