Master Chess

Released by 505 Gamestreet in Europe, this is one of many ports of the "Simple" series of budget games in Japan. In this case, it's a chess game. Chess is pretty universal, and rather entertaining, although I personally suck at it, since I'm so woefully out of practice. I won't even mention how the AI put me in checkmate within three minutes. The graphics are simplistic, but highly functional -it's simply a top view. No funny stuff, just chess.

Options are extensive for this kind of thing - free play, a tournament, tutorial CPU games ("The more you battle, the stronger the CPU gets! The opponent CPU is capable of saving and storing more than 13,000 games!!") and it also mixes drinks and balances your chequebook.

If you're a big fan of the "I move my horsie! Tee hee!" school of gaming, you could do worse than this, especially considering there's only a couple chess games available for PlayStation 2 at all, and I don't believe the others are budget games, or particularly common.

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