Midway Arcade Treasures 3

Good news for racing fans - this compilation has a theme. All the "retro-racing classics" you can handle, provided nine are too many and seven aren't enough. The games are getting pretty modern here for the most part - hell, Hydro Thunder and Rush 2049 had conversions produced for the Sega Dreamcast, would you believe?

One particular disappointment with this collection is the lack of video interviews ala the previous two and a general thinness in the extras, but you can't have it all.

Most of the games on Midway Arcade Treasures 3 are significantly more modern than their counterparts in the first two volumes, but are still fairly close conversions compared to the arcade originals. Hydro Thunder may be a possible exception to this, but it's still very playable, and an improvement on the PlayStation 1 and Dreamcast conversions which sold for full price by themselves back in the day. Also, it should be noted that STUN Runner tends to suffer from frame rate issues which impact negatively on game play in some stages.

Those titles in full:

Rush: The Rock

A sequel/expansion to the arcade hit, San Francisco Rush. This is a fun romp of a racer, set in San Francisco, with all sorts of air time to catch, shortcuts, twists and turns and even hidden extras to collect.

Hydro Thunder

Another very popular game in the arcades (and converted to the previous generation of consoles, including N64, PlayStation 1 and Sega Dreamcast), this is a speedboat racer involving excellent graphics, a nice sense of speed, a variety of courses and some interesting jumps and boost abilities to play with.

Super Off Road

Originally "Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's" Super Off Road, but presumably changed for this compilation due to the cost of renewing the rights; this is another top view racer in the Super Sprint mold, but with nice graphics and an offroad/rally theme.. watch out for jumps and potholes on the various tracks.


It's another variant on Super Sprint! Badlands is set in a bleak, post apocalyptic environment, but still has the same basic game play as Super Sprint, Championship Sprint, et al. The one big change here, however, is weapons. Being able to shoot the other guy certainly adds a lot of fun to this kind of top down racer.

Race Drivin'

A kind of expansion to the original Hard Drivin', this adds new cars and tracks to the game.

STUN Runner

A kind of spiritual relation to high speed racers like F-Zero or the Wipeout series, this is a futuristic high speed racer with the addition of collecting stars, dodging or shooting other vehicles on the track, and trying to drive over speedups for extra boost.

San Francisco Rush 2049

A futuristic sequel to SF Rush and Rush The Rock, you get nicer graphics, higher speeds, duels and all sorts of new features. It's easily understandable why this game was so popular in a lot of arcades.

Off Road Thunder: Mud, Sweat and Gears

Working off the Hydro Thunder engine, this is a more standard rally/offroad racing game that plays similarly in a lot of ways to Hydro Thunder. For some reason, the graphics seem a little worse than Hydro Thunder, but the fun's still there.

BONUS! An extra not mentioned on the packaging is a set of extra tracks for the Super Off Road game - presumably it was a ROM swap for the original board, as it doesn't really change the game play otherwise.

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