Mystic Heroes

This is apparently Koei's attempt at making the "Dynasty Warriors" game style accessable to younger kids. Which is odd, really, as it has an M15 rating in Australia anyway, and the "Dynasty Warriors" games certainly aren't all that graphic. If anything, a younger kid would be better off playing one of those, as at least they might learn something about Chinese history in between pressing the X button a lot to kill people.

For those of you unfamiliar with "Dynasty Warriors", you pick a character and advance through various missions in a campaign, each on a map where various armies are running around. You have to make your way through, meeting objectives within a time limit, but generally just kicking a LOT of ass - you'll generally be button mashing your way through countless dozens of regular soldiers, stronger soldiers, fancy characters with their own powers, etc. "Mystic Heroes" shakes the formula up a little by having more cutesy graphics - almost SD style rather than the attempted realism of the "Dynasty Warriors" games - and adding further fantasy elements. A good example of said fantasy elements would be the nature of the boss battles - giant animals, dragons and the like. There's also a magic system where you can cast various kinds of elemental spell attacks, which adds a little to the variety.

About the only problem I had with "Mystic Heroes", aside from the general monotony that sets in with all games of this type, was that the camera angle seemed to be a little too low and close to the main character, which made things a little fiddly on occasion. It's possible that you can change that, but I was too busy pressing "X" a lot and wondering if things were going to get interesting to check. This game's really only worth the effort if you absolutely love the "Dynasty Warriors" franchise and have exhausted all the variants on it - "Extreme", "Samurai Warriors", "Warriors Orochi", "Dynasty Warriors Gundam", etc. If that's the case, for Christ's sake go get a sensible hobby, like model train collecting, upskirt photography or punching French people.

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