MythMakers: Super Kart GP

Join the amazing Myth Makers in Super Kart GP. Fantastic friendly fun and mad cartoon racing, rolled into lots of exciting challenges. Take up the Myth Makers challenge race against unique characters, or challenge your friends to leagues, cups or time trails, or face a solo challenge to try to defeat the evil Mumbra.

What’s a Myth Maker? I’d imagine it was an incredibly cheap licence, or an attempt to start a franchise. Those wacky Phoenix Games folk have taken the property and slapped it on at least two products for PS2 so far. A Super Monkey Ball clone called "MythMakers: Orbs of Doom", and this utterly generic kart racer. Have I mentioned how painfully obvious it is for a company with no ideas whatsoever to take a licence.. any licence .. and turn it into a stinking kart racer? I’m rather disappointed there hasn’t been a Metal Gear Solid kart racer yet – racing as the man himself, you could have everyone yell “Snake! Snaaaaaake!” when you pass them, and have such enemy racers as Otacon in an invisible kart, yaoi-bait Raiden driving a super deformed pink Cadillac, Revolver Ocelot sitting on the side of the track wondering how he got such a ridiculous name, etc etc. The possibilities are endless.

Bonus: A gameplay trailer that's longer than you'd want to spend playing the fucking game.

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