Puyo Pop Fever

What the shit is a puyo? Well, it's a little round blob with eyes that when placed adjacent to blobs of the same colour, bunch up into larger blobs, until they're large enough to disappear entirely. Yep, it's a Tetris-esque puzzle/battle game. Puyo Puyo has had about 80,000 sequels and clones released for various computers and consoles - the first one I was exposed to was "Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine" on Sega Master System. The good news is, they're quite a lot of fun. Single player endless, single player with goals, versus the AI, versus a friend, it's all there. About the only bad thing I can say about this version is that the cut scenes are cloyingly cute and nauseating, but even then you can disable them in the options, or just skip them. If you can get ahold of this, knock yourself out. It's also available on GameCube and DS, by the way.

One of these days, I hope to be able to actually get good at this game - the best chains I can manage (where you arrange the blocks such that completing one group of colours causes another lot to collapse together and complete, which then makes more complete, etc..) are about 3. Not all that great, but I'll get better one day.

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