As you can probably tell from the fact that I have a RoboCop action figure sitting on my desk, I am a loser. Yes, but I am also a RoboCop fan. At least, I'm a fan of the first two movies. The third movie and the TV series, not so much with the good. It's a shame, really. There have been a few games based on RoboCop, including the original arcade game, which, while a total coin pumper, has a small place in my heart.

"RoboCop" for PlayStation 2 is a first person shooter. It's a very average first person shooter. It's a poorly presented first person shooter. It's a poorly presented, average, badly voiced and ugly first person shooter. The crazy French people that designed it did attempt to add a bit of variety to it, in that you can arrest people, save civilians and, well, fight giant rats in a sewer. Seriously, what the fuck is RoboCop doing fighting a gigantic rat? Flipping through the manual, they've apparently added different kinds of robots beyond the ED-209 as well. I couldn't stand to play much past the giant rat, my flagging interest just died completely. The individual stages are a half decent size and are at least somewhat open ended, although it did seem to have a few "cross this invisible line and people will magically appear" issues, which just adds to the ordinary.

I can't stress enough how lousy the voice work is - "Shoot him, dudes!" or RoboCop saying "Oops". I can't imagine Titus ponied up much cash beyond just getting the licence for the characters, title and concept, as the presentation is very poor, it doesn't use the original score at all, and whoever wrote it probably didn't get high marks in their English class. "RoboCop" is definitely not worth your time to find - it's pretty rare, at least in Australia - but it would appear that it's rare for good reason.

To end on a high, there was one cool bit where I shot some barrels stacked in a pyramid and the top one flew into the air before exploding. Of course it was a scripted event, and not part of the physics engine, but it still managed to entertain me briefly.

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