RPM Tuning

Rice rice rice and more rice, and the game’s developed by the French. It’s the perfect storm for the most despicable racing game I own.. I’m still not sure why I bought this and left behind Summoner 2, but who can tell? At any rate, I tried a quick race or two (and completely ignored the point of the game, being able to fuck with millions of engine parameters and exhaust manifolds and whatever those dickheads in WRXes care about), and was surprised – the game engine’s rather good, at least on a par with Midnight Club 2.

RPM Tuning has some incredibly bizarre soundtrack – one song per race, not selectable. Each quick race was four laps, and the song you get lasts maybe 70% of a lap at best, so prepare to be annoyed. The first race I tried had this incredibly pedestrian semi-nu-metal type song with baroque lyrics which seemed to be about someone being ditched by an older woman – the song was amusing the first time, as it sounded like it was being sung phonetically (ie memorizing the English lyrics of a song syllable by syllable, rather than understanding what you’re singing).. but hearing the whore five or six times in a row had me ready to kill something. Oh, and yes, you can turn the music off, or the sound off, but I AM THAT BLOODY MINDED.

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