Time Crisis 3

Only fools and Communists don't like light gun games - which are you? The Time Crisis series has been with us for quite some time - Time Crisis and Time Crisis: Project Titan on PlayStation 1, Time Crisis 2 and 3 on PS2 and recently Time Crisis 4 came out for PlayStation 3. There's that many sequels to the game for a reason - two if you count "money makin', money money makin'". Time Crisis games are a lot of fun. I'd imagine most of you who've played the game at all had their first exposure to it in an arcade, possibly outside a theatre, enjoying the interesting mechanic of using the pedal to emerge from cover to shoot at the baddies. Well, it's more of the same, yes, but there's been a few innovations - four different weapons (pistol, machine gun, shotgun and grenade launcher) which you can change to while in cover, expanded missions and sniping in "Rescue Mission" mode.

Just one of the cool boss encounters in the game.

Similarly to "Ghost Squad", replaying is rewarded by unlocking various features - you increase the number of continues you get each time you complete Arcade Mode - until you unlock infinite credits on the sixth playthrough. You can also unlock access to Rescue Mission mode (where you play the blonde girl, Alicia Wossname), and Crisis Missions Mode, where you play through segments of the Arcade Mode, but with different objectives. There are also other cheat modes to unlock, and a Mirror Mode. GameFaqs could probably help you out with that.

I'd imagine it'd be more fun to play with an actual G-Con or G-Con 2, but I have a 100Hz TV, and they're not compatible with it. I'm thinking of ordering a LCD Top Gun, which is supposed to work pretty well with LCD TVs, 100Hz refresh CRTS, etc, etc, but to be honest I'm not that fussed - I'm enjoying Wii light gun games, and they have no problem. I'm used to playing games like this with the pad anyway - but you might not be.

A great game - lots of replay value, excellent graphics and sound, even the voiceover acting isn't completely atrocious. Recommended.

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