Virtua Cop Elite Edition

Virtua Cop Elite Edition is a compilation disc for PS2 that includes graphically and sonically (well, except for the boss speech) upgraded versions of the arcade games "Virtua Cop" and "Virtua Cop 2" - both 'on rails' light gun shooters.

I used to love both games in the arcade, and played the living fuck out of Virtua Cop 2 - you can still occasionally see this in arcades here, I believe a local theatre has one, at least in shabby condition. The PS2 versions seem pretty close in gameplay terms - the graphical upgrades are rather nice, although the characters are still animated as if they're walking with spikes up their asses.

Is there a point to this compilation if you already have Virtua Cop 1 or 2 in some other form? Well, those crazy kids have added a training mode (mini games involving target shooting with accuracy and hit quotas), a VS mode (that I've yet to try), a random mode you can unlock by completing Virtua Cop 1 and a gallery mode - you can shoot objects in the game to unlock various CG pictures.

Well worth picking up, this, unless it's expensive, or you already have Virtua Cop 1 or 2 for Saturn or Dreamcast.. OK, maybe Virtua Cop 1 didn't come out on Dreamcast, but I won't tell if you won't. Now, Sega, about a Wii port of all three Virtua Cop arcade games…

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