Battle Monsters

This is an Acclaim localisation of a Japanese fighter released by Naxat. I’d be mildly curious to find out what the original game was called, and if there were significant changes to content, but not so much so that I’d actually put any effort into finding out. The game is a Mortal Kombat clone – two dimensional, characters based on digitised actors, cheesy character designs, blood flying everywhere, the whole enchilada. In its defence, it does have larger arenas – different levels you can jump to or fall from. I set it to “very easy” and completed one character in story mode, a generic looking Japanese karate guy called “Shion”, who, rather amusingly, would do a Beavis-like “YEAH!” grunt about 400 times per match.

Wouldn't you rather watch a weird French horror movie than play this?

It’s not completely awful, particularly if you like the ‘crap digitised animation’ genre of fighter, but about the only thing that I would recommend about it is the fact the music sounds like something that would be on Jean Rollin’s cellphone. Forget “Battle Monsters”, just go rent "Fascination" instead. Brigitte Lahaie shall live on in our hearts and in our pants.

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