Hang On GP '95

I've probably mentioned this in other areas of the site, but I had a Saturn collection a number of years ago, and, unfortunately for me, sold it. Don’t cry too many tears, as it’s been fun rebuilding, or attempting to rebuild, the collection to an approximation of its former glory. Hang On GP 95 I really only had one memory of – “It’s not very good, but Manx TT was excellent”. That’s a two part memory which so far is half understatement. Not only is Hang On GP 95 not very good, but it’s completely irredeemable garbage.

Curving road? What the??

The graphics are hideous, even by Saturn standards – an example, the road moving past as you ride looks like it’s on a player piano, as it has a bizarre curving effect when it gets to the bottom of the screen – some kind of misguided camera effect perhaps? The presentation is slipshod – an example, the use of some really ugly fonts and 3d lettering for title screens, the kind of thing a 12 year old would put on a PowerPoint presentation. The music? Lame. The bike is barely distinguishable as a bike, at least when seen from behind. The handling is terrible as well.. there are some options to adjust this, but I sincerely doubt they’re worth the effort. Stay away, folks. Unless it’s $AUS5 and you’re trying to rebuild a collection, of course.

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