Sega Ages Vol 1

This is the PAL release of the Sega Ages versions of Out Run, After Burner II and Space Harrier. In Japan, they were all released separately, but in the land of PAL, they were combined onto one disc.. great value. Well, better value, anyway. I got it from eBay Australia for $AUS10 shipped, and it still had the original 39.99 quid price tag from HMV. Bit of a difference, eh scenesters?

I've always loved all three of those arcade games, and I always have time for just about any version out there. My secret shame is spending half an hour playing a wireframe version of Space Harrier on the Amstrad CPC464.. a shame because I had MAME, the MegaDrive version, the SMS version, who knows what else at the timeā€¦ also it's shit, but that's another story. As near and as far as I can tell, the Saturn conversions are pretty solid, but the PAL release has borders. Anyone who's in a PAL region can tell you how annoying these lazy bordered conversions of NTSC games are.

Each of the games have an option screen, so you can set difficulty, bonus lives or control settings, the kind of crappy that would've been on DIP switches on the original motherboards for the respective games. The music and sounds are brilliant, as I've come to expect from Sega - last weekend I got F1 Challenge for Saturn, some random racing game I wasn't expecting anything interesting from, and the game itself wasn't.. although it was by no means particularly bad.. but the music that was playing really got my attention in a major way. Sounds silly, but I have a lot of games and it's very rare that 'generic race tune #2' will stick its head over the radar, so to speak.

Have I mentioned that I constantly have the music from stage 1 of "Virtual On" playing in my head? Good times. Also, every time I start the engine in my car, I hear the Sega guy saying "Get ready", and I wait for the explosion, beginning of "Casino" style. Also, whenever I'm walking to my car, I wonder if it'll explode when I press the wireless lock button, like the opening scene of about 3.875^16 1980s action shows. Stephen J Cannell, I blame you for 45% of all my neuroses - the rest I blame on women and whoever invented boxer shorts.

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