The Story of Thor 2

On the surface it seems like a yawny Zelda clone, but as you play it further you see it’s a yawny Zelda clone. The graphics aren’t really all that great either – with the exception of a couple nasty scaling effects and occasional flourishes, I could’ve been playing a SNES game. You have the ability to fire magic blasts, swing your sword or fire arrows, you find various spirits you can summon who have abilities you can harness (eg the water spirit firing water balls that extinguish fires, or is able to heal you). It’s utterly unremarkable, really.. a sequel to Story of Thor on MegaDrive – I believe it’s called Legend of Oasis and Beyond Oasis on Genesis and US Saturn respectively. I could be wrong, I could be right, but what I can’t be is assed to check for sure.

NOTE: This review was written in 2007, and the review of "Story of Thor" was written in 2005. It's amusing, at least to me, to jump between them and check the contrast of opinions. Obviously you can tell I'm a far angrier person as I get older. Also, screw you and the dog you rode in on.

Bonus: Footage of the game

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