Sega Saturn

The Saturn, along with a couple of ex-girlfriends, a lot of fashion choices, a lot of movies I've bought tickets for and a surprisingly large number of events in my life in general, is one of my big regrets. Back in the late 90s, I had a rather large Saturn collection.. US games, Japanese games, PAL games, whatever, I had tons of gear, and I liked it, even if PlayStation 1 was my priority. Unfortunately, due to some rather misguided plans I made, I sold the lot off on eBay Australia or traded it to friends. Last year, I was granted the opportunity to start afresh, so I now have a budding second collection of Saturn delights. At the moment, it's just a stock PAL console and a number of PAL titles that I like or are exclusives to the platform, but I'm slowly working on getting all the bits I really enjoyed or would feel like a better man for owning. Which of those categories "Frankenstein: Through The Eyes Of The Monster" falls under, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

I also regret selling off my 3DO, if any of you have a 240V PAL 3DO system kicking around unloved.

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